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Issue #70 (June 2008)

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bullet Chelsea. Aliens in the Basement
bullet Josiah. The Wild Alligator
bullet Victoria. JB Andrew: Mustang Magic (Review)
bullet Skylar. A Dinosaur in My Backyard
bullet Anna. Bad Day
bullet Ariana. Birthday Mystery
bullet Ben. Brothers, Brothers, Brothers
bullet Lashana. Buddha Feeling
bullet Isabella. The Cheater Pants
bullet Sarah. Chicken Story
bullet Victoria. Dinosaur Fever (Review)
bullet Anthony. Disabled Hollywood
bullet Tyler. The Fake Cape Caper (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Fall of the Templar (Review)
bullet Matt. Falling
bullet Sarah. Fire
bullet Erin. Forever and For Always
bullet Ceilidh. Get Well Soon (Review)
bullet Seana. The Giraffe
bullet Krysta. The Golden Locket
bullet Chloe. Good-bye
bullet Jessy. Gracie-bell
bullet Kristina. A Great Man
bullet Madison. The Haunted House
bullet Melissa. The Hollow People (Review)
bullet Kaelyn. Horrible Histories: Measly Middle Ages (Review)
bullet Emily. Hot Air Balloon Dreaming
bullet Reagan. The Hudson House
bullet Anna. Invitations
bullet Ebony. Just Move On
bullet Ashley. Kidnapped
bullet Lee. My Life
bullet Tyler. The Little Door
bullet Heather. Look at Me! (Review)
bullet Miyuki. Mad
bullet Travis. The Haunted Mansion
bullet Jessy. Marshmallows
bullet Victoria. Maybe a Bear Ate It! (Review)
bullet Hanna. The Meaning of Life
bullet Abigail. My Mad Memories
bullet Kendra. Moon
bullet Kendra. Music
bullet Jack. My Nanna Nenny
bullet Kendra. Night
bullet Madison. Ocean
bullet Nick. The Party
bullet Nicole. The Pink Puffle
bullet Melissa. Poseur (Review)
bullet Prarthana. Princess Saveri
bullet Ceilidh. Project 17 (Review)
bullet Victoria. Raleigh's Page (Review)
bullet Mia. Sad
bullet Ceilidh. Saving Zo (Review)
bullet Ally. The Haunted School
bullet Prarthana. Silence
bullet Jarion. A Bad Sister
bullet Alana. Space Adventure
bullet Tyler. Steel Trapp: The Challenge (Review)
bullet Anthony. Stolen Boots
bullet Melissa. The Stonekeeper (Review)
bullet Clayton. Stop Fighting
bullet Sarah. Storm
bullet Heather. Stormchaser (Review)
bullet Annie. A Story to Tell
bullet Danielle. Summer's Day
bullet Max. The Swimming Contest
bullet Daniel. Tears on a Rainy Day
bullet Mac. Temporarily
bullet Mats. Time Is Running Out
bullet Tyler. Tunnels (Review)
bullet Harley. Unattended
bullet Kenya. My Uncle's Death
bullet Daniel. The Victory Tackle
bullet Alyssa. Viola's Journal
bullet Melissa. What I Was (Review)
bullet Berkeley. Who Would Have Known?
bullet Brooklyn. The Wicked Witch
bullet Donovan. The Wild Bear
bullet Charlotte. I Wonder
bullet Heather. Yellow Blues (Review)
bullet Victoria. Zoe's Extraordinary Holiday Adventures (Review)

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