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Issue #7 (December 2001)

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bullet Leah. A Sister's Thoughts
bullet Stephanie. Accomplishing the Goal (Part 1)
bullet Daniel. Basketball Season
bullet Leah. Court Kids
bullet Levi. Fall Is a Maze
bullet Angeline. If You Were the Sun
bullet Candace. Imagine...
bullet Jessica. Is the World...
bullet Cory. It Wasn't My Fault
bullet Leah. Just a Little Flame
bullet Rebecca. Live Your Dreams
bullet Christopher. My Broken Heart
bullet Chantell. Pat
bullet Samantha. Poppies
bullet Caroline. Purity
bullet Steven. Rams
bullet Michael. Smelly Sock
bullet Megan. Student
bullet Jared. That Was Summer
bullet Jennifer. The Power's Gone Out
bullet Kirsten. The Scary Ghost
bullet Christopher. Tikaliktak
bullet Alexis. What Are Friends?
bullet Kiffany. What I Like

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