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Issue #69 (May 2008)

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bullet Allison. Almost Home (Review)
bullet Madie. Animal Crackers
bullet Kasia. The Beach
bullet Ally. Best Friend
bullet Heather. Beyond the Deepwoods (Review)
bullet Molly. Blue
bullet Victoria. Boxcar Kid (Review)
bullet Christina. Big Bugs
bullet Jennifer. Campfire
bullet Jia. The Case of the Missing Shin Guard
bullet Madie. I Can Change the World
bullet Tara. Cheerleader Acrostic Poem
bullet Sophia. His Choice
bullet Scarlett. Choices
bullet Kasia. Forest Cinquain
bullet Heather. Still There, Clare (Review)
bullet Tianna. Crossbow (Review)
bullet Ceilidh. Cry Wolf (Review)
bullet Tianna. In the Days of Sand and Stars (Review)
bullet Melissa. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (Review)
bullet Melissa. Down (Review)
bullet Nihar. A Flock/Pod/Family/Pride/Legion (Take Your Pick) of Dragons
bullet Joshua. Dreaming of Diving
bullet Louise. The Earth
bullet Tyler. The Awesome Egyptians (Review)
bullet Sophia. Eiffel Tower
bullet Max. The Fox and the Rabbit
bullet Nicole. Friends by Accident
bullet Savannah. Ghost?
bullet Molly. Glasses
bullet Spencer. The Pot of Gold
bullet Lindsey. Groovy Greeks (Review)
bullet Melissa. The Other Half of Me (Review)
bullet Ceilidh. Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad (Review)
bullet Melissa. Hero (Review)
bullet Danielle. So Humble Walks the Mighty Man
bullet Nathan. Ice Cream
bullet Ben. Invisible Children
bullet Melissa. Jellaby (Review)
bullet Joshua. I Am
bullet Victoria. Mr. Karp's Last Glass (Review)
bullet Heather. I Lost My Kisses (Review)
bullet Tyler. Klutzhood (Review)
bullet GaEun. The Lost Laundry Card
bullet Angela. You Left
bullet Ceilidh. Lobster Land (Review)
bullet Heather. The Lorax (Review)
bullet Alyssa. The Lost Loved Bird
bullet Victoria. Lucy the Diamond Fairy (Review)
bullet Victoria. The Magic Nation Thing (Review)
bullet Ben. The Missing Masterpiece
bullet Matthew. May
bullet Chelsea. I Miss You
bullet Ria. Mistress of Doom
bullet Nick. Monster Forever?
bullet Kalvin. Monsters
bullet SeHee. Mother
bullet Andrea. Music
bullet Miyuki. Nature
bullet Keegan. Noman (Review)
bullet Michelle. Chasing Normal (Review)
bullet Heather. Not Fair, Clare (Review)
bullet Sarah. Owl Pellets
bullet Molly. I'm Perfect
bullet Heather. What Pet to Get? (Review)
bullet Sarah. Picturescape (Review)
bullet Victoria. Pioneer Kids (Review)
bullet Azure. Different Planets
bullet Angela. What Are Poems?
bullet Keegan. Prison Ship (Review)
bullet Matthew. Save the Rainforest
bullet Lindsay. Red Glass (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Seeing Redd (Review)
bullet Max. Scotty and the Pigs
bullet Victoria. The Name of This Book Is Secret (Review)
bullet Alissa. Being in Seventh Grade
bullet Ashley. She Is...
bullet Lindsey. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Review)
bullet Edward. My Sister
bullet Jessy. I Want to Make It Smile
bullet Ceilidh. SOS: Stories of Survival (Review)
bullet Ashkon. The Spirit
bullet Katie. Spring
bullet Cynthia. Spring
bullet Cynthia. Spring Is a Time
bullet Sophie. Shining Star
bullet Helen. A Story to Tell
bullet Jessy. Summer Is Coming
bullet Mariela. Sun
bullet Kasia. I Am
bullet Emilie. Swim Meet
bullet Jim. Golf and Tennis
bullet Ria. Lord of Thieves
bullet Ceilidh. The Third Eye (Review)
bullet Brady. If I Had a Time Machine
bullet Mark. If You Don't Take Out the Trash
bullet Sophia. Trina
bullet Brandi. Trixy, My Dog
bullet Daniel. Television
bullet Lucas. The Great Volcano Eruption
bullet Jennifer. The Long Wait
bullet Jessie. The Walleye
bullet Keegan. The Wave Runners (Review)
bullet Olivia. Wishing
bullet Melissa. For Those about to Write (Review)
bullet Kaitlyn. Being Yourself

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