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Issue #68 (March 2008)

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bullet Lindsay. Project Fashion: Armani Angels (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Being (Review)
bullet Ceilidh. Betrayed: A House of Night Novel (Review)
bullet Victoria. The Biggest Basket Ever (Review)
bullet Gillian. The Blue
bullet Jan. The Clowns Escape!
bullet Keegan. Dumb Bunnies' Easter (Review)
bullet Meghan. The Eco-Diary of Kiran Singer (Review)
bullet Meghan. The Freak Trilogy, Books 1 & 2 (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall (Review)
bullet Tianna. Our New Home (Review)
bullet Lindsay. House Party (Review)
bullet Ceilidh. The Kayla Chronicles (Review)
bullet Tianna. Northern Lights A to Z (Review)
bullet Heather. Out of Order (Review)
bullet Tianna. Pasta Pazoo: More Better Spaghetti (Review)
bullet Stephanie. Fine Art Studio: Pastels (Original art)
bullet Heather. Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter (Review)
bullet Victoria. The Year of the Rat (Review)
bullet Melissa. Rebel Cargo (Review)
bullet Ceilidh. Red Rage (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Ringmaster (Review)
bullet Kaelyn. The Tapestry: The Hound of Rowan (Review)
bullet Jordan. What She Is
bullet Keegan. Shen and the Treasure Fleet (Review)
bullet Miyuki. Six Favorite Things about Fifth Grade
bullet Kaelyn. How Soccer Works (Review)
bullet Keegan. Stone Age Santa (Review)
bullet Madalin. My Teacher
bullet Elizabeth. The Meeting of the Trees
bullet Melissa. Truancy (Review)
bullet Heather. Winston of Churchill (Review)
bullet Melissa. X in Flight (Review)

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