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Issue #67 (February 2008)

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bullet Kaylia. The Adventure
bullet David. The Amazing Koala
bullet Ceilidh. Before I Die (Review)
bullet Emily. The World of Books
bullet Darcy. When the Bough Breaks (Review)
bullet Amanda. Midnight for Charlie Bone (Review)
bullet Maggie. I Love Chocolate!
bullet Prarthana. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
bullet Madalin. Circles
bullet Nora. My First Competition
bullet David. The Curse of the Campfire Weenies (Review)
bullet Cynthia. Darkie of Fame
bullet Katharina. The Darkness
bullet Allison. A Deadly Distance (Review)
bullet Helen. Decisions, Decisions: A Story of Right and Wrong Choices
bullet Esme. Dragon in the Sky
bullet Kaelyn. Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat (Review)
bullet Julie. Facing Fear
bullet Monica. The Black Footed Ferret
bullet Aninditee. The First Day of School
bullet Heather. Flush (Review)
bullet Ceilidh. Fly on the Wall (Review)
bullet Hanna. To My Guy Friend
bullet Mats. The Front
bullet Kimi. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Review)
bullet Taylor. Help the Homeless
bullet Andrea. The Way to Spend the Holidays
bullet Cynthia. Magnificent Horse
bullet Keegan. Jango (Review)
bullet Emma. Keeping Corner (Review)
bullet Keegan. Laika (Review)
bullet Rylie. A Week to Live
bullet Nick. Loss
bullet Rachel. Love
bullet Tianna. Maggie and the Chocolate War (Review)
bullet Kaelyn. Manga Touch (Review)
bullet Sarah. Maps
bullet Ceilidh. Marked: A House of Night Novel (Review)
bullet Melissa. Mrs. Marlowe's Mice (Review)
bullet Chloe. Midnight
bullet Jae Hee. Millions
bullet Meghan. Mississippi Jack (Review)
bullet Kaelyn. Nail Soup (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Night Wanderer (Review)
bullet Darcy. The Way Lies North (Review)
bullet Matthew. Ode to the Saxophone
bullet Lindsay. Everything Will Be Okay
bullet Melissa. Once Upon a Full Moon (Review)
bullet Tianna. Orphan Ahwak (Review)
bullet Melissa. Out of Line: Growing Up Soviet (Review)
bullet Todd. The Owl and the Pussycat (Cover art)
bullet Esme. Pandas Eat Penny Candies
bullet Miyuki. Too Much Use of Paper
bullet Stephanie. Fine Art Studio: Pastels (Original art)
bullet Sarah. Polar Bear
bullet Lindsey. Into the Ravine (Review)
bullet Kianna. Rules
bullet David. Secrets of Dripping Fang: The ShluffMuffin Boy is History (Review)
bullet Alyssa. Senses at Christmas
bullet Atiqa. My Sister
bullet Tara. Snow Day
bullet Dona. Unidentified Spy
bullet Emma. The Swan Maiden (Review)
bullet Ceilidh. A Swift Pure Cry
bullet Kasia. The Thunder Storm
bullet Victoria. Treasure at Turtle Lake (Review)
bullet Miyuki. Save the Trees
bullet Mary. The Sound of Waves
bullet Casey. What Am I?
bullet Tyler. If I Was the Wind
bullet Jack. Words That Rhyme
bullet Kasia. The World
bullet Alana. Zoe and the Pirates

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