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Issue #66 (December 2007)

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bullet Taylor. A 7th Grade Life
bullet Rachael. All Afloat on Noah's Boat (Review)
bullet Sofia. Aliena Alive
bullet Michaela. All I See
bullet Kristina. Alone
bullet Genesis. Another Month of War
bullet Rylie. Autumn Haiku
bullet Lindsey. Babymouse: Skater Girl (Review)
bullet Abbie. Before the House
bullet Hugh and Mats. Let's Make the World Better
bullet Whitney. My Dog Bob
bullet Joe. Buffalo Wings (Review)
bullet Meghan. Cat O' Nine Tails (Review)
bullet Melissa. Chester (Review)
bullet Kaylia. My Shetland Pony
bullet Heather. Cinderella (Review)
bullet Joe. Clancy with the Puck (Review)
bullet Prarthana. Day and Night
bullet Rachael. The Declaration (Review)
bullet Heather. In Search of the Thunder Dragon (Review)
bullet Allison. Eragon (Review)
bullet Afifa. Exams
bullet Yuma. Falling Down
bullet Melissa. First Times (Review)
bullet Edek and Krzys. The Environment vs. More Food
bullet Louise and Elin. The Free Market Can End Hunger
bullet Miyuki. Friends
bullet Marcela. German Barf Bag
bullet Keegan. Where the Giant Sleeps (Review)
bullet Kasia, Frida and Hayeen. Give More to the Poor
bullet Afifa. Giving a Break
bullet Nora and Jan. Green Revolution
bullet Alexis. He Will Come
bullet Abbie. The House
bullet Miyuki and Lisa. Too Hungry to Fight for Their Rights
bullet Michaela. I Used To
bullet Prarthana. The Innocent Monster
bullet Lindsey. Lily and the Paper Man (Review)
bullet Michaela. Looking Back
bullet Anthony. The Mask Night
bullet Emma. Me and Mel
bullet Emma. Mistik Lake (Review)
bullet Kaelyn. The Night Tourist (Review)
bullet Keegan. The Painted Circus (Review)
bullet Vasco. A Time When My Pants Had a Time Out
bullet Stephanie. Fine Art Studio Pastels (Original art)
bullet Melissa. The Complete Peanuts: 1963-1964 (Review)
bullet Yeon Hee and Emma. Too Many People
bullet Joe. Pioneer Poltergeist (Review)
bullet Mats. The Poor Life
bullet Joshua and Nick. Poverty
bullet Heather. Just Me and 6,000 Rats (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Snow Leopard (Review)
bullet Lindsey. How to Build a Snowman (Review)
bullet Prarthana. Song of the Birds
bullet Adrienne. Sports
bullet Shawna. Spring Night
bullet Heather. A Star for Christmas (Review)
bullet Sofia. Strange Day
bullet Meighen. A Summer Adventure
bullet Madison. Swing, You Betray Me!
bullet Chris. Things for Free Are Not Always Good
bullet Melissa. You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? (Review)
bullet Iza. Trouble
bullet Ceilidh. Twilight (Review)
bullet Korn. Video Game Advice?!
bullet Piotr. The Worst Day in My Life
bullet Meghan. WWI
bullet Joe. Yikes, Vikings! (Review)

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