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Issue #56 (December 2006)

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bullet Chloe. America: The Beautiful
bullet Kara. And She Sits...
bullet Lily. Like an Angel
bullet Nicholas. Baseball
bullet Colleen. The Best Christmas Ever (Review)
bullet Katherine. Little Bird
bullet Delana. Captain Jack's Adventurous Day
bullet Sarah. Carl, the Christmas Carp (Review)
bullet Zachary. Chimney
bullet Cody. Christmas
bullet Andrew. Christmas
bullet Sabrina. Fluffy Clouds
bullet Rachel. Love Is Like a Rollercoaster
bullet Sabrina. Cotton Candy
bullet Lily. Courage
bullet Jordan. Creatures Great and Small (Review)
bullet Melissa. To Dance (Review)
bullet Jordan. The Farm Team (Review)
bullet Jordan. Fear This Book (Review)
bullet Sarah. A Sack Full of Feathers (Review)
bullet Jordan. Folktails: Animal Legends from Around the World (Review)
bullet Benjamin. Bringing Gifts
bullet Kanishka. It Happened One Night
bullet Rylie. Did You Hear?
bullet Megan. I Think of Heaven as...
bullet Andrea. Hello, Goodbye
bullet Darcy. How the Hibernators Came to Bethlehem (Review)
bullet Caitlin. Ho, Ho, Ho
bullet Blake. Holidays
bullet Isabel. Hot Pink Sweats
bullet Kaelyn. The Huron Carol (Review)
bullet Mathew. Treasury of Inuit Legends (Review)
bullet Sarah. Kasie's Day at the Farm
bullet Keegan. Lassie: A Christmas Story (Review)
bullet Isabel. Laura
bullet Rebecca. Life Will Go On
bullet Kaylee. Little Boy
bullet Kaelyn. Christmas Eve Magic (Review)
bullet Hailey. Remember My Memories
bullet Isabel. I Bought the Milk
bullet Kaylia. News News December News!
bullet Katherine. Nocturnal Writer
bullet Sarah. North Pole
bullet Alana. Pirate Ville
bullet Abby. Presents
bullet Isabel. Pro Soccer Player
bullet Rachel. Reality Check
bullet Katherine. Remembering and Trying to Forget
bullet Anna. The Ride of the Day
bullet Delana. Santa
bullet Aleen. Santa Claus (Review)
bullet Melissa. Seadogs: The Epic Ocean Operetta (Review)
bullet Kaelyn. Secret Agent Y.O.U. (Review)
bullet Isabel. She Sits
bullet Katherine. Silence
bullet Mathew. All the Stars in the Sky (Review)
bullet Sabrina. The Christmas Story
bullet Nick. Straggler in the Street
bullet Meghan. The Tailor of Gloucester (Review)
bullet Taylar. Tony's Big Day
bullet Hailey. Torn Apart
bullet Cassandra. War
bullet Melissa. Winter is the Warmest Season (Review)
bullet Kara. Why Are You Still Here?
bullet Hannah. Winter
bullet Hailey. I Wonder
bullet Keegan. Woodland Nutcracker (Review)
bullet Darcy. Yetsa's Sweater (Review)

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