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Issue #55 (November 2006)

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bullet Andrea. Abby
bullet Sofia. The Accident
bullet Hanna. How I Got Addicted
bullet Jennifer. The Adventure
bullet Nicole. All I Want
bullet Mathew. Among the Enemy (Review)
bullet Madi. Black Anaconda
bullet Janine. Brandy's First Day of School
bullet Izabela. My Brother
bullet Chelaine. Cats to the Rescue (Review)
bullet Rachel. Celebrity Student
bullet Andrea. Chy's Day
bullet Aleen. Clever Katarina (Review)
bullet Hailey. Am I Crazy?
bullet Melissa. Dark Hours (Review)
bullet Keegan. The Dirt Eaters (Review)
bullet Jordan. The Coming of Dragons (Review)
bullet Kaelyn. The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean (Review)
bullet Emma. The Forest and the Horse
bullet Alana. Friends
bullet Caledonia. Friends
bullet Danny. The Frog and Turtle
bullet Sarah. The Little Black Book for Girlz (Review)
bullet Gretchen. Goat Attack
bullet Sabrina. Old Halloween Candy
bullet Keegan. Here, There Be Dragons (Review)
bullet Jordan. Ice Time: The Story of Hockey (Review)
bullet Melissa. Saint Iggy (Review)
bullet Emir. Istanbul Monsters
bullet Denise. The Kiss
bullet Kaylia. I Love You
bullet Shu Fay. The Magician
bullet Mathew. McGonigle Scores! (Review)
bullet Kaylia. The Little Merhorse
bullet Christy. A Mouse
bullet Alana. Mysterious Girl
bullet Melissa. When I Was a Boy Neruda Called Me Policarpo (Review)
bullet Aleen. Never to be Told (Review)
bullet Sabrina. Old Victorian House
bullet Hailey. If Only
bullet Kaelyn. Pay the Piper: A Rock 'n' Roll Fairy Tale (Review)
bullet Darcy. It's Your Room! (Review)
bullet Celeste. Sad Girl
bullet Emma. The Second Summer of the Sisterhood (Review)
bullet Nicole. My Friend Shelby
bullet Tyler. Skiing!
bullet Andrea. Sneeze!
bullet Lindsey. Stealing Home (Review)
bullet Melissa. Strange Times at Western High (Review)
bullet Hailey. Subject to Change
bullet Sarah. My Mom Loves Me More than Sushi (Review)
bullet Ryotaro. If I Can Swim
bullet Kaelyn. Take Two! (Review)
bullet Aleen. True Friends: A Tale from Tanzania (Review)
bullet Gretchen. The Test
bullet Melissa. Trigger (Review)
bullet Andrea. True Best Friends Forever
bullet Melissa. Viking Terror (Review)
bullet Hanna. Waterfall
bullet Nicole. Will You, Would You?
bullet Izabela. I Wish I Were the Mountains
bullet Alexis. You and I

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