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Issue #52 (July 2006)

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bullet Jeneva. 10 for 30
bullet Emma. All-American Girl (Review)
bullet Angela. Angels
bullet Hailey. Anonymous
bullet Kara. Back Then
bullet Melissa. Beneath the Mask (Review)
bullet Whitney. Beyond the Waterfall (Review)
bullet Jordan. Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm (Review)
bullet Katie. Boy
bullet Mathew. Our Canadian Flag (Review)
bullet Mathew. The Complete Screech Owls Volume Two (Review)
bullet Juan. Cos It Makes Mom Glad!
bullet Aleen. Crime Scene: How Investigators Use Science to Track Down the Bad Guys (Review)
bullet Darcy. Desert Crossing (Review)
bullet Patrick. Digging Canadian History (Review)
bullet Ariana. The Drowned Violin (Review)
bullet Aleen. The Empty Mirror (Review)
bullet Melissa. The Fairy Party Book (Review)
bullet Kasey. Fireworks
bullet Chelaine. Fourth World (Review)
bullet Jeneva. To Be Free
bullet Meghan. Freshman (Review)
bullet Benjamin. My Special Friend
bullet Kayla. Friends
bullet Vanessa. Cos It Makes Mom Glad!
bullet Meghan. Hana's Suitcase: On Stage (Review)
bullet Taylor. Taming Horrible Harry (Review)
bullet Laura. Hate
bullet Mathew. The Warrior Heir (Review)
bullet Keegan. Help! I'm Trapped in the First Day of Summer Camp (Review)
bullet Chelaine. Hiding Edith (Review)
bullet Amanda. Inside and Out
bullet Meghan. Invisible Ink (Review)
bullet Jeneva. Jail
bullet Aaron. My Friend Jay
bullet Elizabeth. Just Hold On
bullet Aleen. Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet (Review)
bullet Jaycee. The Mother Who Lies
bullet Hailey. My Love
bullet Jennifer. The Magic Trick
bullet Meghan. The Matchless Six: The Story of Canada's First Women's Olympic Team (Review)
bullet Hailey. I Am Me
bullet Abby. Cos It Makes Mom Glad
bullet Meghan. Mouse Woman and the Muddleheads (Review)
bullet Meghan. The Nine Days Queen (Review)
bullet Patrick. Noses Are Red (Review)
bullet Darcy. Nothing but the Truth (and a Few White Lies) (Review)
bullet Kasey. Ode to Music
bullet Patrick. The Onts (Review)
bullet Nicole. Opposites
bullet Nina. Petra and the Elves
bullet Meghan. The Poet Slave of Cuba: A Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano (Review)
bullet Joe. The Post Clone War Chronicles
bullet Ariana. Like a Pro (Review)
bullet Melissa. Qwan, Vol. 1 (Review)
bullet Patrick. Room 207 (Review)
bullet Whitney. Sarah and the Magic Science Project (Review)
bullet Kasey. School
bullet Kasey. School
bullet Melissa. Scrapyard Warriors (Review)
bullet Hailey. By the Sea
bullet Jeneva. Sluggish
bullet Emma. Miss Smithers (Review)
bullet Elizabeth. Strength of the Moon
bullet Jordan. Swindled! The 1906 Journal of Fitz Morgan (Review)
bullet Ariana. Taming Horrible Harry (Review)
bullet Amanda. There Are Stories
bullet Dasharupa. Things to Cheer About
bullet Melissa. Three Songs for Courage (Review)
bullet Whitney. The Unwritten Girl (Review)
bullet Whitney. The Drowned Violin (Review)
bullet Melissa. The Warrior Heir (Review)
bullet Amanda. What Is Love?
bullet Patrick. Who Is That Man?

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