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Issue #49 (April 2006)

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bullet Genesis. Babies
bullet Chelaine. Behind the Bedroom Wall (Review)
bullet Chelaine. The Big Lie (Review)
bullet Erin. Billy-Bob
bullet Katherine. Broken
bullet Elizabeth. I Am the Butterfly
bullet Melissa. The Cage (Review)
bullet Aleen. The Cage (Review)
bullet Veronica. My Canary Yellow Star (Review)
bullet Ben. Cat and Rat
bullet Eric. Cow on a Plow
bullet Meghan. Daniel's Story (Review)
bullet Drew. In Debt
bullet Whitney. The Devil's Arithmetic (Review)
bullet Chelaine. The Diary of a Young Girl (Review)
bullet Katherine. Dream
bullet Mathew. Escape from Warsaw (Review)
bullet Hailey. Exercise
bullet Darcy. Finding Sophie (Review)
bullet Jordan. Flames of the Tiger (Review)
bullet Austin. Fly!
bullet Jordan. Friedrich (Review)
bullet Darcy. Good-Bye Marianne (Review)
bullet Sarah. The Greenies (Review)
bullet Melissa. The Greenies (Review)
bullet Meghan. Hana's Suitcase (Review)
bullet Hiba. Happy Anniversary!
bullet Afriika. Heal My Soul
bullet Katherine. Hidden by Clouds
bullet Darcy. Jesper (Review)
bullet Meghan. No One Must Know (Review)
bullet Afriika. Let It Pass
bullet Katherine. Where'd My Life Go?
bullet Darcy. Lisa (Review)
bullet Ashley. A Lobster Named Sue
bullet Aleen. Marika (Review)
bullet Courtney. More to Live For
bullet Patrick. And in the Morning (Review)
bullet Hailey. My Things
bullet Natalie. A Day in New York City
bullet Lyndsey. Nice Girl
bullet Aleen. The Night Spies (Review)
bullet Shelby. No Rap
bullet Sarah. No One Must Know (Review)
bullet Michaela. Number the Stars (Review)
bullet Darcy. Once (Review)
bullet Jenny. Oscar
bullet Josh. The People-Deleter-Machine
bullet Zipporah. Pumpkin
bullet Darcy. Remember Me (Review)
bullet Josh. Remembrance Day
bullet Abby. The Rider
bullet Darcy. The Secret of Gabi's Dresser (Review)
bullet Chris. No Shopping Guy
bullet Mathew. Sky (Review)
bullet Mathew. Snow Treasure (Review)
bullet Sarah. Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust (Review)
bullet Melissa. Survivors (Review)
bullet Jacob. The Eight Symbols
bullet Melissa. Tapestry of Hope (Review)
bullet Meghan. Tapestry of Hope (Review)
bullet Whitney. Tell No One Who You Are (Review)
bullet Flora. Three Things
bullet Molly. Trip in Time
bullet Jacob. Turtle Tale
bullet Jennifer. Why Turtles Walk So Slow
bullet Chelaine. Twenty and Ten (Review)
bullet Whitney. The Upstairs Room (Review)
bullet Evany. Warsaw Spring (Review)
bullet Ben. Weird Love
bullet Flora. I Will Be There
bullet Taylor. Winning Team Member
bullet Elizabeth. Without You
bullet Aleen. Yours, Anne: The Life of Anne Frank (Review)

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