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Issue #47 (February 2006)

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bullet Liam. Halloween
bullet Laura. Afraid
bullet Emma. The Aquanauts (Review)
bullet Allison. Best Friends
bullet Emma. The Blood Stone (Review)
bullet Hiba. The Busy Woman's Song
bullet Lexi. The Christmas Bunny
bullet Mathew. The Complete Screech Owls: Volume 1 (Review)
bullet Sarah. The Cure for Crushes (Review)
bullet Diana. The Dancer's Night Before Christmas
bullet Courtney. Dark Night
bullet Abby. The Dark One
bullet Melissa. Dark Times (Review)
bullet Morgan. December Is a Time
bullet Kristal-Ann. The Dog Bear
bullet Sara. Dogs
bullet Meghan. Dragon's Milk (Review)
bullet Katherine. Dream
bullet Bea. Elf Day
bullet Darcy. Emily's Piano (Review)
bullet Laura. Everybody Is Special
bullet Haleigh. Foggy Days
bullet Natalie. Getting Smaller
bullet Darlene. Greatest, Precious, Richest Gift
bullet Talon. Halloween
bullet Andrea. Halloween Poem
bullet Meghan. The Harp of the Grey Rose (Review)
bullet Zora Michelle. Have You Ever?
bullet Stefhan. Hedgehog
bullet Sarah. The Highwayman (Review)
bullet Diane. Him
bullet Amy. Him
bullet Jordan. Hockey Superstars: All-Time Greats! (Review)
bullet Katherine. Holocaust
bullet Laura. Home
bullet Elaina. I Was Scared When...
bullet Cassandra. Ice Breakers
bullet Dylan. IMPS
bullet Aleen. Ingrid and the Wolf (Review)
bullet Melissa. Jabberwocky (Review)
bullet Aleen. Jack's Knife (Review)
bullet Chelaine. Lake Rules (Review)
bullet Marlayna. Life
bullet Justine. Little Imp
bullet Meghan. Lone Wolf (Review)
bullet Darlene. The Longest Game Ever Played
bullet Taylor. Losing and Learning
bullet Claire. Margo's Dream
bullet Katherine. I'm Me and You're You
bullet Gunnar. The Meaning of My Name
bullet Jordan. Mighty Robots (Review)
bullet Gavin. Monsterology (Review)
bullet Darlene. I Need a Bigger Size
bullet Victoria. Not Another High School Hook-Up
bullet Hailey. I Want to Go Out
bullet Rachael. Pigs Aren't Dirty, Bears Aren't Slow (Review)
bullet Aleen. The Princess in the Tower (Review)
bullet Kristen. The Race of Life
bullet Izabela. Rainbow
bullet Gemma. Scared of School
bullet Richard. Scary
bullet Emma. Secrets (Review)
bullet Jordan. Seeker: The Noble Warriors Trilogy (Review)
bullet Cassandra. The Best Kind of Ships
bullet Dylan. Shopping Spree
bullet Tanaz. Silence
bullet Mathew. Snow and Ice (Review)
bullet Brandon. Soccer
bullet Aleen. Son of the Mob 2 (Review)
bullet Hanna. Sorrows, Fears, Newspapers, and Sisters
bullet Hailey. I Want to Stay Home
bullet Meghan. Stormbreaker (An Alex Rider Adventure) (Review)
bullet Katherine. Story of Life
bullet Sarah. Swimming in the Monsoon Sea (Review)
bullet Angela. The Teardrop
bullet Mathew. Thieves! (Review)
bullet David. Trick or Treat
bullet Lindsey and Jordan. Tulip
bullet Darcy. Turned Away (Review)
bullet Gavin. Uncle Gus's Magic Box (Review)
bullet Sydney. Untitled
bullet Mike. Walking Through the Perished Land...
bullet Derrick. WITCHES
bullet Chelaine. The Wonder in Water (Review)

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