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Issue #45 (November 2005)

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bullet Hayley. The Afterlife (Review)
bullet Mark. Apocalypse
bullet Emma. Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (Review)
bullet Sarah. Backyard Birds (Review)
bullet Lily. Baudelaires
bullet Sarah. The Blue Jean Book: The Story Behind the Seams (Review)
bullet Jasmyne. Bullies
bullet Lauren. Bunnies
bullet Katherine. Can't Look Back
bullet Emma. Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten Adventure (Review)
bullet Sarah. The Drowning Pond (Review)
bullet Catherine. Evil Cat
bullet Taylor. Feelings
bullet Kaitlynn. Forever
bullet Gavin. Gretzky's Game (Review)
bullet Katie. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Review)
bullet Katherine. Heavy Heart
bullet Allison. Horses
bullet Darlene. Housekeeper
bullet Hadley. Little Tomatoes
bullet Andrea. Live While You're Dying
bullet Hanna. Middle School
bullet Hanna. A New Girl Among Us
bullet Haley. Ocean Secret
bullet Hanna. A Poem for Katherine
bullet Meghan. The Power of Rain
bullet Aleen. The Righteous Smuggler (Review)
bullet Darcy. Rodeo Horse (Review)
bullet Rachael. Second Watch (Review)
bullet Hayley. Skater Stuntboys (Review)
bullet Darlene. The Sounds I Hear
bullet Meghan. The Blue Sword (Review)
bullet Gavin. Terry Fox: A Story of Hope (Review)
bullet Aleen. Thirteen O'clock (Review)
bullet Mark. Visions of Matthew
bullet Hanna. Wait... Goodbye
bullet Darlene. Why Always Me?
bullet Diana. Just Write!

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