Volley Up!
Angela, Age 11, San Antonio, TX

"Now Angela, don't be upset if you don't win. It's a lot of girls' first season playing," said my mom.

"I know. But I can always dream," I replied. That's what I heard right before the first game in my volleyball tournament. Three out of thirteen girls had played, one of whom was me. We were ranked fourth, which was pretty good since there were only eight teams.

We played our hearts out and won the first game. On to the semi-finals. We were playing against the best team. We had lost against them during the third game of the season and I knew a lot of the girls on the team. But, we ended up beating them easily. We were going to the finals!

We were playing against the second best team, the Court Jesters. My team supports each other, congratulates on victories and helps each other when we mess up. The other coach said during a time-out, "Listen to them, they help each other and that's why they're winning." We ended up winning, against all the odds going in to the tournament.

I look back and realize how proud my dad would have been if he had been alive. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Gators number 1 champ!

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