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Brenda Chapman. Running Scared
Napoleon Publishing  $8.95  ISBN 1-894917-14-6  122 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley, Age 13

The person on the other end whispered what sounded like a muffled "Keep your mouth shut, .

Late one night, thirteen year-old Jennifer witnesses something she shouldn't have. With her father finally back in town, her revived hopes to piece her family back together are painfully being torn further from her reach. She feels that if she reveals what she saw, it could break up her family forever. That thought alone silences Jennifer.  With the help of a new friend, she uncovers the truth and makes a dangerous attempt to straighten things out. But is telling nobody really the best thing to do?

Running Scared is a realistic fiction book. Contained in its 122 pages is an enthralling story written by Brenda Chapman. This paperback novel is suitable for ages 10 and up, but ages 12-15 might find more depth and understanding for this 13-year-old main character. Currently Brenda Chapman is working as an analyst for the Canadian Federal Government. Running Scared was written for her two daughters, and she is busy writing a second book, which should be out next spring.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Running Scared.  It is an exciting, quick read for young teens. Suspense and excitement are packed full into its pages. I would recommend it, as it is a short, captivating novel that grabbed my attention from the first page. The characters are easy to relate to, and are convincing and realistic. All in all, it is a compelling and satisfying 5 star read.


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