Moving On
Hannah, Age 9, Maple Ridge, BC

Ahhhhhhhhhh, summer - the water fights, the tanning, the sunscreen the rain, the clouds, the thunder storms? Ever since we moved to California my life has been miserable. From this weather you would think it was winter but it's actually summer. "We've been having a water fight that has been lasting about three or more days now, it's awesome! But everyone wishes you were here with us. Well I'd better get going, I have a lot of chores to do."

"Goodbye," I said, but Alice had already hung up.

"Why did we have to move?" I asked. "They are having water fights and I'm here sitting on the sofa waiting for something exciting to happen."

"Get over it," said my mom. But that was the whole problem. I didn't think I could get over it. Days passed, weeks, even months. Summer was over. It was time for school.

I went to school and the same typical thing happened that would have happened at my old school, I tripped over my chair, got spaghetti splattered all over me, and flunked science. But one thing was different about this school. I had no friends to say "That's ok, let's wash you up" or "I flunked P.E. once." This was going to be one long school year.

Finally one day at lunch I met a girl who was sitting all alone, and I asked her if I could sit with her, and we realized we had a lot in common. Then it hit me, you don't always have to be the most popular kid in class. Or you don't have to be the best kid in P.E. You have to be yourself and if you are yourself someone will like you for being yourself. And you will make a friend.

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