Sarah's Stars

Shelagh Lynne Supeene. My Name is Mitch
Orca  $8.95  ISBN 1-55143-255-2  171 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 14

Mitch is the smallest boy in grade 6, and the only one who can’t read. He lives with his mother and her boyfriend, Dan. He also spends a lot of time with his grandparents who live right down the hall. His grandfather does nothing but watch the game‚ (meaning whatever sport happens to be playing on TV), and is perpetually grumpy, with a special dislike for Mitch. Mitch has never heard anything about his real father, and his mum gets very upset whenever anyone brings it up. All his life he has heard his father be described as ‘The Creep’. When his father moves back into town everything starts to change for Mitch.

My Name is Mitch is a short but entertaining novel. Anyone over ten will enjoy this fun story with its lovable characters. I thought the plot was really interesting, and was impressed by how well the author was able to bring the story to life through a young boy’s eyes. This would make a great novel for school projects. I would give this book five stars. It wasn’t my reading level, but I still found it entertaining and well worth the read.


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