Martha the Easter Chicken
Danielle, Age 9, Stony Plain, AB

One wonderful Easter morning Martha the chicken woke up. It was a perfect Easter morning for the farmerís children to look for Easter eggs. Martha thought she would lay a few eggs, paint them and hide them around the barnyard for the farmerís children to find.

After Martha had laid a few eggs she asked the other chickens if they wanted to help but they said: ďNo thanks we are way too tiredĒ. Martha went to get some Easter paint from the old blue shed by herself.

Now that Martha had some Easter paint in the colours light blue, pink, yellow, light green and purple she plucked one of her perfectly white and soft feathers and dipped it in some Easter paint.

Later when Martha had finished painting all the farmerís childrenís eggs, she went to the door and put two baskets there for the farmerís children to use.

When the children got up they had some pancakes for breakfast, zoomed outside and picked up their baskets for the great egg hunt.

Quickly, Martha ran into the cozy little chicken coop and watched from one of the few windows as the farmerís children gathered the Easter eggs.

Martha now knew that her job was to paint and hide the eggs at Easter because she is Martha the Easter chicken!

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