Sarah's Stars

Marthe Jocelyn.
Hannah and the Seven Dresses

Tundra  $9.99  ISBN 0-88776-749-4  22 pg
Reviewed by Hayley, Age 13

Hannah’s mom loves to sew, and consequently Hannah has a closet full of dresses. The problem is that she can never decide which dress to wear. Finally she has an idea. She picks a dress for every day of the week, and wears that dress once each week on the chosen day. Everything is going just great when a problem arises. Hannah’s birthday falls on a Tuesday, but she doesn’t think that her Tuesday dress is good enough for the party. What can she do? How will she ever be able to choose between her seven beautiful dresses?

Hannah and the Seven Dresses is for children ages five to eight. It’s written by author Marthe Jocelyn. This easy paperback book costs $9.99.  “Wonderful three-dimensional textures and a delectable use of pattern and line make this a visual treat as well as a charming domestic drama…” – Kirkus Reviews

Hannah and the Seven Dresses is an excellent read-aloud story for young children, as it is easy to follow, with bright, simple pictures. The pictures are really cool because they are made of fabric, along the lines of clay creation books.  I rate this picture book 4 stars.


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