Figuring It Out
Angela, Age 11, San Antonio, TX

Lila was fun, loving, smart, sensitive, shy, kind and athletic. But for some reason nobody seemed to want to be her friend. She always wondered why. Was it about how she dressed or how she looked? She never knew. She never told anyone. Not even her very few fiends. When her closest friends she didnít know what to do.

So by the time the sixth grade started she only had around five friends at school. Whenever she tried to make new friends the other kids didnít want to be her friends. Lila never really liked boys so during the winter break when a family moved in next door with twins her age she didnít know what to do. Of course there had to be boy and girl twins. It made everything harder. One day when Lila was walking over to a friend's house wearing a shirt that said ďHorses: A reason for living" the twins came up to her and introduced themselves, she had no idea what to say. Luckily the girl, Cassandra said ďSo where do you take riding lessons?Ē which made Lila start feeling more relaxed.

Time must have flown by because Lilaís friend Jane came out looking for her. Soon they were all talking about horses and feeling relaxed.

Two years went by and soon the boy twin, Peter, and Lila started going out. They were always hanging around and then Lila realized it wasnít her making people not like her. There was nothing wrong with her. Maybe the other people just didnít want to be around her. Maybe in time she would become popular and people would want to be her friend. All she would do was wait.

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