A Fate Worse Than Death
Katherine, Age 12, Reston, VA

I see a little girl
Trying to stand strong,
She's trying to
Fit in and belong.
Nobody cares for her,
She's just a piece of scenery.
No one knows a thing about her,
It's like she's just air.
She's cut her hair,
Dyed her hair
And she's got
Piercings everywhere.
She's starved herself,
Beat herself,
And cried
Herself asleep.
But no one notices.
She died a sad death,
For she was all alone.
No one knew
That little girl
Who was found
Lying on the street,
And no one cared.
If only she had
Had someone to
Tell her that
Life was worth living.
Her parents,
They failed their job
Loving her.

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