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Richard Scrimger. From Charlie's Point of View
Tundra Books  $14.99  ISBN 0-88776-679-X  278 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 13

Actually, the word ‘Charlie’ likes to use for himself is handicapped. The way a horse is handicapped, he says, to make the race fair. It carries more weight because it's a faster horse. And remember, he says, there are lots of people carrying more weight than I am.

Charlie Fairmile is blind. He always has been. He doesn't know what he's missing. What he does know, is that his dad is being charged for a crime he didn't commit. If proven guilty he will go to jail, and if he is, Charlie and his mom will have to move to Winnipeg. So Charlie, Bernadette, and their mildly psychotic new friend, Lewis, set out to find the real Stocking Bandit, but first they need a plan.

From Charlie's Point of View was written by Canadian author Richard Scrimger. Scrimger writes picture books, funny kids' books, and adult fiction. I recommend both of his children’s series: the Peeler Family Series; The Way to Schenectady, and Of Mice and Nutcrackers, and the Norbert Series; The Nose from Jupiter, A Nose for Adventure, Noses Are Red, and The Boy from Earth. From Charlie's Point of View is a paperback mystery with 278 pages. This is a fun book and I would recommend it for kids in grades four to eight.

This is a good book to read, chapter by chapter, before you go to bed at night, or for a parent to read to their kids. Its many different characters make it funny and colourful as they either mesh or clash in the creatively different settings dreamed up by the author. As the reader, you really do forget that Charlie is blind, as you get lost in his crazy life and adventures. I love Richard Scrimger books, and From Charlie's Point of View is no exception. That is why I give this book four stars! And make them extra shiny!


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