Candy Land
Izabela, Age 10, Maple Ridge, BC

One typical afternoon my friend and I were playing catch. By accident I had thrown the ball over a creaky old bridge. “ I’ll get it,” I promised. So I went to the bridge. Every step I took the creaky old bridge went “creak, creak, creak.” When I was bending down to get the ball, there was a pitch of darkness.

When the pitch of darkness was gone, I saw an enormous sign that read “WELCOME TO CANDYLAND.” I was shocked, freaked out, and even a bit scared. I had all these questions racing through my head. How was I supposed to get home?

All of a sudden I had an idea. “Maybe,” I thought,just maybe if I eat all this brick wall I might be able to go home.” So I started to lick the wall; it tasted like Lego candy! When the pieces started to get looser, I started pulling them out. They came out one at a time. I kept pulling until the hole was big enough that I could go straight through.

When I came out I grabbed the ball. My friend asked me: “What took you so long?”

I quickly lied: “The ball got stuck in a tall tree and it was hard to get it down.” Even though I lied I always knew deep down inside what really happened.

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