The Bunny of Respecting Love
Megan, Age 10, Maple Ridge, BC

A long time ago there was a bunny rabbit named Pinklez. She was a very lonely rabbit. Nobody played with her, they told she was too pink. The cheerleading club didn't let her in, because they said she's too pink. Then one day a yellow bunny came along and his name was Yellers. All of the kids made fun of his name they called him: Yelldo, the little yellow riding hood or Yelpers.

When the bell rang Pinklez ran to Yellers. She asked, "Do you want to sit beside me?" And Yellers answered, "Okay." When they got into the class the teacher said, "First we will do religion and we have a new student, Yellers. Would you please introduce yourself Yellers?"

"Ok. My name is Yellers."

"We already know that," replied Violet, Purzles, Redo and Blopers.

"I live at 123 Rainbow road, Bunny land, B.C."

The teacher thanked Yellers for sharing with the class. During recess the kids were playing while Pinklez and Yellers were reading.

A sudden cry was heard. A bunny got caught in a trap. Pinklez ran for help while Yellers tried to rescue Violet. Yellers was able to get Violet out of the trap. The teacher ran with Pinklez and brought the wounded Violet to the school nurse. From then on Violet and her friends didn't tease Pinklez and Yellers anymore. Then they all became best friends respecting and loving each other.

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