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Issue #43 (July 2005)

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bullet Hayley. 38 Ways to Entertain Your Parents on Summer Vacation (Review)
bullet Allison. About Me
bullet Hayley. Angeline (Review)
bullet Dhanya. Choose Your Company
bullet Emma. Daughters of the Ark (Review)
bullet Kristin. Dream
bullet Sarah. Evil Masters: The Frightening World of Tyrants (Review)
bullet Sarah. Fresh Fish (Review)
bullet Hanna. Hello?
bullet Katie. Hubcaps and Puppies (Review)
bullet Hanna. July
bullet Sarah. Eleven Lazy Llamas (Review)
bullet Casandra. Mexico
bullet Haley. Night Sky
bullet Amber. Old and Used
bullet Hanna. Outside -- Inside
bullet Paige. Paradise Island
bullet Colin. To Soar Like the Eagle
bullet Colin. Swept Away
bullet Emma. Taylor Five: The Story of a Clone Girl (Review)
bullet Shara. T.V. Town
bullet Amy. We
bullet Bryanna. What I Like
bullet Nicole. When My Dad Died

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