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Issue #40 (April 2005)

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bullet Jennifer. Life in 2105
bullet Lindsay. Addie
bullet Victoria. April
bullet Zack. April
bullet Linda. Dr. Bart
bullet Kurtis. Basketball Game
bullet Christine. Beyond the Window Ledge
bullet Hayley. Bro (Review)
bullet Haley. Capture the Flag in Kettles
bullet Joanna. Cat Eyes
bullet Olivia. Cats
bullet Colleen. My Clarinet
bullet Katie. My First Contest
bullet Jenny. The Cutest Dog Ever
bullet Dan. December
bullet Rebecca. Destined to Be
bullet Homeiraa. The Dream Hunters
bullet Lindsay. Drip
bullet Eric. Fat Monkey
bullet Jaimee. February
bullet Rosemin. To Be Forgotten
bullet Michelle. Free
bullet Michelle. A Friend
bullet Rebecca. I Thought He Was My Friend
bullet Angela. Friends
bullet Angela. The Girl
bullet Sarah. Goddess in Me
bullet Chris. Hero
bullet Brooke. Hidden Treasure
bullet Olivia. If
bullet Stacy. Inside Me
bullet Jenna. Inside Me
bullet Amber. The Iron Kettles
bullet Hannah. January
bullet Jaimee. January
bullet Kaitlyn. Kids
bullet Nicky. My Kitten Pumpkin
bullet Emma. The Dirt Eaters and Freewalker (Review)
bullet Braden. I Love Her
bullet Gavin. Lupé: A Wolf Pup's First Year (Review)
bullet Brooke. March
bullet Nena. Me
bullet Sydney. Me in the Mirror
bullet Ashley. Middle Passage
bullet Jenny. The Monster in the Closet
bullet Izaak. Morning
bullet Zach. Mystery Assignment
bullet Kayla. November
bullet Taylor. October
bullet Christine. Paralyzation
bullet Aisah. Penguins
bullet Nicholas. My Dog Petey
bullet Olivia. Pie, Pie, Pie!
bullet Emily. Puzzle
bullet Misha. The Rhyme
bullet Mitchell. The Singing Washer and Dryer
bullet Amber. Sister Love
bullet Helen. Sisters
bullet Sarah. Skud (Review)
bullet Caleb. Snow
bullet Katie. A Day of Snow in Mexico
bullet Jane. Snowstorm
bullet Breanne. My Shining Star
bullet Dan. The Story of My Life
bullet Misha. The Strange Mice
bullet Lucas. The Sun
bullet Angela. Thanks
bullet Braden. That Girl
bullet Matt. Tsunami
bullet Jenna. Under the Rug
bullet Brady. Washington
bullet April. When a Loved One Dies
bullet Breanne. Why?
bullet Sarah. Winter Tale
bullet Misha. The Worst Race

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