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Issue #35 (October 2004)

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bullet Tanya. Belle and Rosie
bullet Yesica. My Broken Hand
bullet Hayley. Cat's Eye Corner (Review)
bullet Lauren Anne. What Happened to Cinderella?
bullet Katie. Till Death Do Us Part
bullet Jennifer. Dream
bullet Vanessa. Elephant
bullet Joanna. Embers
bullet Alyssa. Fall
bullet Alyssa. My Favourite Things
bullet Gino. The First Jump on My Skateboard
bullet Joanna. Flame
bullet Jaimee. I Am From
bullet Hannah. Gone...
bullet Michael. Grandpa
bullet Leslie. Harley
bullet Alison. A Horse of My Own
bullet LeAnn. Aunt Julie
bullet Breanne. I Love Him
bullet Rebecca. Mexico
bullet Steven. Midnight Murders
bullet Joanna. Once More
bullet Emily. A Perfect World
bullet Brittanny. Ranch
bullet Erick. Running
bullet Steve. SAS Joint Operations
bullet Stephen. Skateboarding
bullet Marilyn. Something Embarrassing
bullet Kaylee. Stars
bullet Stephen. My Surprise Birthday
bullet Sarah. Witch Child (Review)
bullet Kat. Wrestling
bullet Britney. Zowie

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