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Issue #27 (December 2003)

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bullet Darren. Air
bullet Amber. Being a Girl
bullet Dillon. Bloody Roses
bullet Morgan. Boo, the Snowball King
bullet Joanna. Deceived
bullet Hayley. Dinosaurs on the Beach (Review)
bullet Steve. Dirt Biking
bullet Chelsea. Dreadful Day
bullet Annalese. Dreaming
bullet Julia. Gymnasts
bullet Kristian. Halloween
bullet Raymond. Hero
bullet Taryn. Hitler's Daughter (Cover Art)
bullet Stephen. I Hate to Clean My Room
bullet Angeline. I Once Was Found
bullet Melanie. I Wish I Had a Mom
bullet Adam. I'll Be Here
bullet Shay. In Memory of Mom
bullet Larry. In the Event that I Were a Dog
bullet Andrea. Judgement Day
bullet Anna. Just Another Fairy Tale
bullet Travis. Knights of the Kitchen Table (Cover Art)
bullet Brandy. Little Miss Perfect
bullet Warren. Magic Tricks and Power
bullet Aly. My Baby Brother
bullet Adam. My Brother
bullet Duane. My Family
bullet Mia. My Mom
bullet Jessica. My Senses on the Basketball Court
bullet Lindsay. "No"
bullet Miranda. Number One
bullet Jennifer. Ocean
bullet Ashley. Remember
bullet Jessica. Sandy's Lesson
bullet Samantha. Scared
bullet Joseph. School and What I Think of It
bullet Maddie. Seeds of Time (Cover Art)
bullet Preston. Snow
bullet Steven. Snow
bullet Taylor. The Broken Window
bullet Brandon. The Gas Man
bullet Samantha. The Goat that Bit off My Hand
bullet Sarah. The Klondike Ring (Review)
bullet Michael. The Nightingale
bullet Sarah. The Raging River (Review)
bullet Morgan. The Snow
bullet Lucero. The Touch of Death
bullet Ethan. The Trip of the Year
bullet Jamie-Lea. Titanic
bullet Derrick. When I Get Older
bullet Andrea. When I Met the MSU Basketball Team
bullet Preston. Wind
bullet Lindsey. Wolves

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