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Issue #21 (May 2003)

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bullet Cameron. A Fuzzy Old Friend
bullet Cody. A Loved One
bullet Stephanie. A New War
bullet Samme. Adventure
bullet Ana. Animal ABC
bullet Drew. Another Bus Ride Home
bullet Holly. April Laughter
bullet Samantha. Blackberry Breeze
bullet Ashley. Blinded
bullet Drew. Blinking Red Light
bullet Karina. Canada
bullet Megan. Cancer
bullet Kayla. Cat in a Jar
bullet Sarah. Cat's Eye Corner (Review)
bullet Robyn. Charlie Wilcox (Review)
bullet Richard. Courage
bullet Katie. Dancing for Danger (Review)
bullet Carollyne. Dead Reckoning (Review)
bullet Kayla. Dishonesty
bullet Sydney. Earthly Astonishments (Review)
bullet Levi. Escape from Grand Pré (Cover art)
bullet Kate. Farmer Joe and William Miller
bullet Sarah. Fire Horse (Cover art)
bullet Jocelyn. Flowers
bullet Colin. Football
bullet Robyn. Frances (Review)
bullet Marlee. Friends
bullet Annie. From Smart to Stupid
bullet Taylor. Fun and Bored
bullet Sheldon. Gentle Breeze
bullet Brandon. Gone
bullet Shayna. Hope
bullet Samme. I Am Danger
bullet Rob. I Am Death
bullet Jessie. I Can't Write a Poem
bullet Hayley. If I Just Had Two Wings (Cover art)
bullet Nicolas. Insanity
bullet Hayley. Jesse's Star (Review)
bullet Heather. Listen to the Wind
bullet Aaron. Lolly and Varnack
bullet Sarah. Lost in the Barrens (Cover art)
bullet Garrick. Lying
bullet Morgan. My Diary
bullet Marlayna. My Life
bullet Nick. My Own School
bullet Josh. My Personality
bullet Claire. My Wonderful Ocean
bullet Drew. Not Writing, Flowing
bullet Shannon. Ode to My Teacher
bullet Keisha. On Spring Break
bullet Nicole. Pain
bullet Brandon. Power
bullet Stephanie. Rainbows
bullet Emily. Ravenous Rats
bullet Ryan. Rockemsockem
bullet Jennifer. Scared
bullet Jamie. Snow Day
bullet Lierin. Sorrow
bullet Chelsea. Sunlight
bullet Joanne. The Butterfly and the Alligator
bullet Kristy. The Calf and the Hedgehog
bullet Katie. The Carnivorous Carnival (Cover art)
bullet Camilla. The Cat and the Chicken
bullet Ariel. The Cheetah and the Rhino
bullet Jessica. The Dream
bullet Samantha. The Fun of Reading
bullet Dakota. The Hedgehog and the Lion
bullet Ian. The Hobbit (Cover art)
bullet Wesley. The Monkey Vs. the Tiger
bullet Allysa. There's Only One of Me
bullet Gabe. Varnack
bullet Shayna. Volunteers
bullet Jackie. What Liberty Means to Me
bullet Dustin. When I Am with My Dad
bullet Tori. Why Teachers Should Go Out for Lunch
bullet Asha. Willow and Twig (Review)
bullet Darcie. Wisdom

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