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Issue #18 (February 2003)

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bullet Michael. A Boy with a Dream
bullet Melissa. A Cow Named Burger
bullet Alyson. Aboard Flight #93
bullet Janell. An Encounter with the Third Kind
bullet Leah. As You Looked
bullet Jessica. Beauty to Madness
bullet Stacey. Butterfly Got Her Wings!
bullet Cassandra. C Tongue Twister
bullet Jenny. Cats
bullet Maria. Christmas Day
bullet Nicole. Clouds
bullet Carter. Colonel Carter
bullet Karina. February
bullet Christina. Feelings
bullet Rachel. Footprints in the Snow
bullet Thomas. Frindle (Cover art)
bullet Stephanie. Harbor View
bullet Leah. Hate
bullet Seth. How Did the Ox Get So Strong?
bullet Lindsey. How Little Butterfly Got Her Wings
bullet Robbie. How the Dog Got Its Bark
bullet Shane. How the Leopard Got Its Spots
bullet Antony. How the Monkey Got Its Tail
bullet Cody. How the Penguin Got Its Waddle
bullet Calvin. How the Porcupine Got Its Quills
bullet Maggie. How the Skunk Got Its Smell
bullet Jessica. I Wonder
bullet Michael. Kick Flip
bullet Kassie. Matilda (Cover art)
bullet Janell. My Greatest Fear
bullet Blake. Open Window
bullet Jacob. Penguin and Fish
bullet Nicole. Silver Moon
bullet Brandon. Simon the Brave
bullet Jessica. Stitches
bullet Abby. The All Star
bullet Sarah. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (Review)
bullet Garrett. The Battle of All Battles
bullet Ashley. The Colors of the Rainbow
bullet Stephanie. The Place Where Dreams Come True
bullet Shaina. The Titanic
bullet Janell. We Will Not Forget the Soldiers
bullet Zena. This Is Where I Want to Be
bullet Russell. Why the Bat Is Blind
bullet Garrett. Why the Penguin Can't Fly
bullet Jared. Why the Sky Is Blue
bullet Amber. Why the Sky Is Light Blue
bullet Blake. You

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